Inner Portrait Artist 1to1 Sessions (2hrs)

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  • Product Description

      Individual sessions for those who would like to work on a 1to1 basis, either as a one off or over a longer period. Maybe for a specific painting project you have in mind. Either in Person or via zoom and Telegram to interact.  

      1 to 1's are also great for an introductory session to see how you enjoy this way of working, especially if you are new to painting or portraiture before joining the group workshops.  

      To book a session or to find out more please contact me here

      I work by donation so you choose how much you'd like to pay once we've spoken and set up the session.  This also applies for ongoing sessions. The act of choosing means that you confirm your own freedom to decide for yourself and according to what you feel in line with your financial situation and personal circumstances.  

      The fee shown here is a minimum however you'll normally have an amount in mind... so go with what feels aligned for you. 

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    • Variant: By Donation - You choose... Suggested minimum per session
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