In The Spotlight Fine Art Mosaic

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      A unique fine art mosaic re-envisioned from the original 'In the Spotlight' acrylic palette knife painting by the artist, Michelle Turner. One of two mosaic pieces along with 'Pre-Performance Ribbons'

      The spotlight is on this beautiful dancer, holding her attitude with grace, poise and stillness, drinking up the light with the rest of the stage in dark. Yet in the dark relief, the dust dances its own surprising dance, spiraling under the heat of the spotlights, catching the light iridescence, a rainbow of colours in all their fleeting glory.

      Please note to appreciate the full effect and multi-faceted nature of these pieces the photo images 

      'Once a dancer always a dancer' much of Michelle's artwork has been inspired by her own early life as a dancer. 

      Each piece of glass mosaic individually cut by hand and shaped to represent the flow of brush strokes and colour ordinarily only found in a painting. The images cannot do the mosaics justice as each piece picks up the light in a different way, revealing more from each angle than a 2D image can represent. 

      Framed size: approx 62 x 62cm

      Frame colour: black  


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