Serendipity and Tea Time with Ali Monjack

November 15 2020 – Michelle Turner

Serendipity and Tea Time with Ali Monjack

Serendipity and Tea Time with Ali Monjack

I love a bit of serendipity, a chance conversation that leads to a bigger conversation and a connection that leads to Tea...

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ali Monjack at Gallery Different after she had interviewed world-renowned sculptor, Johannes von Stumm, at his exhibition - Immateriality

It only took a few minutes, as we were both on our way out, and neither of us knew much about each other. But in those brief moments there was clearly a synergy... which later turned into a much longer conversation, and then Tea...

And who can resist sharing Tea in great company...

Many thanks Ali! Loved our chats!

Find out who else has enjoyed tea time with Ali and shared lots of great conversation and insights, check out her fabulous and ever growing guest list at: Tea Time with Ali Monjack and on spotify HERE 

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