Lionsorbet and Michelle Turner Art

May 26 2020 – Michelle Turner

Lionsorbet and Michelle Turner Art

Lionsorbet and Michelle Turner Art


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Steve Ivine and Niki Wright to bring this project to fruition!

3 years ago I had a vision of what I wanted my website to look like and do. Like many things in business and life, it takes time, effort and lots of learning before your vision becomes real. It also needed the right collaborations, timing and for all the elements to be able to work together seamlessly.  

I prefer to work with local businesses and to get to know the people I work with.

I met up with Steve in October last year at the Cherry Tree in Olney, and over a coffee or two and a wonderful and easy conversation, it was clear that he not only understood what I was looking for, his company Lionsorbet, had a fabulous track record and would deliver. A creative himself, Steve not only appreciated the technicalities of what I would need, he had a very clear understanding of my vision right from the outset. 

I knew I'd found the website solution I'd been looking for and the right team to work with. We discussed and confirmed the brief which had to include several elements including the integration of a specific app for my print supplier and all within my budget.

Unable to move ahead straight away, there was no pressure from Lionsorbet to fit in with them. This was important to me, my circumstances are my circumstances, I knew a time would come when I could press the go button.  I needed to be able to do that when I knew I was able to. 

We kept in touch regularly and Steve was always on the end of the phone or email if had an idea or query. 

Then early March, I was finally in a position to hit the go button. Just before the world 'stopped'. Yet it didn't. The Lionsorbet team moved to work from home and in spite of considerable IT restrictions, poor internet speeds, capacity and ancient devices (on my end) - not helpful when you're work is all based on uploading and amending images... - we got there! Regular calls and emails with Steve and Nikki  (Thank you both for your patience) meant queries and problems were resolved easily as they worked tirelessly to provide exactly what the brief and my vision had been. 

I am so very pleased with what they have achieved and would thoroughly recommend Lionsorbet. My website Michelle Turner Art now allows me to showcase my work in a way I'm very excited to do; book in commissions; sell original paintings, limited edition prints and a fabulous range of gifts; enable people to easily book on to online (and face to face post lockdown) workshops 1to1 sessions; easily share updates on exhibitions, happenings and information about my art and collaborations. Both in the UK and abroad (whilst a little limited currently, international fulfilment was an important aspect to the website)

I have plenty more content to add over the coming weeks and months and a few loose ends to tie up my end (newsletters etc)

Please do take a good look around the website, I'd appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you! You can get in touch here

To contact Steve and the Team at Lionsorbet click here: Lionsorbet

Many thanks!