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Art of Boxing Exhibition with Chantelle Cameron

October 30 2019 – Michelle Turner

Art of Boxing Exhibition with Chantelle Cameron

Art of Boxing Exhibition with Chantelle Cameron

I paint boxers for many reasons, but not least because I started boxing myself with Colin Toal and Women’s Boxing Northampton (WBN) 4 years ago and was inspired by Colin and the women who came along to the sessions. Women from all backgrounds and all fitness levels, boxing for many different reasons… some spar... some fight… most just train… and love it.

 It was here at Far Cotton Boxing Club, I first met Chantelle Cameron. Watching Chantelle training and then in the ring, it was an obvious progression to paint her. There is no doubt of her world class status and capturing that in painting over the last few years has been an absolute pleasure! My first painting was her IBO Inter-Continental Lightweight against Mexican, Edith Ramos in November 2017. The original painting was auctioned to raise funds for Evolve and a very large framed canvas print can be seen on the wall at Far Cotton.  

The exhibition at The Cherry Tree, Olney featured many original paintings and prints of Chantelle in action as well as the WBN boxers and Tony Bellew prints from the original he’d received a few weeks earlier.

There was a fabulous turnout over the weekend and the exhibition got off to a great start with Chantelle joining us on the Friday evening, a week before she won her 2nd WBC eliminator (this time as Super Light Weight) against Anahi Ester Sanchez.