2020 A Year in Paintings - Michelle Turner Artist

December 31 2020 – Michelle Turner

2020 A Year in Paintings - Michelle Turner Artist

2020 A Year in Paintings - Michelle Turner Artist



From acrylics to oils, and mosaics; art of boxing, portraiture, abstract and conceptual pieces; commissions, auctions, fundraising; celebrating wonderful people in our local, national and even global community; permanent display in Chelsea and Westminster art collection and so much more that could not have been foreseen.

Noone has been untouched by the path of 2020.

A year where we took a long hard bare-faced look in the mirror.

As the year unfolded and normalities became memories, new ways of being evolved into daily life and new realities brought much soul searching and questioning.

Plans, possibilities and paintings changed throughout the year and brought unexpected gains and losses . Painting is my expression and life, so no matter how the landscape of work and home ebs and flows, ups and downs, it is a constant, a necessity, a joy, a healing, a meditation.

When work is not work, when it is life blood and living ‘differently’ is already normal. Doing what makes your heart and soul sing is both the antidote and the fuel. The lesson and the knowledge.

Life in the present moment can bring all manner of surprises and wonders and I have enjoyed my fair share of serendipity as ever this year.

And for this, I’m both hugely grateful and appreciative. It sets the scene for a future where art, creativity, collaboration, community, love and laughter are core. There is no doubt that our world is changing. There is no going back. 2021 bring it on!

I’m strapped into the roller coaster paints in my bag, brushes and palette knife in my hand... are you?

Thank you to everyone of you who has been with me or around me in any capacity through 2020. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

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